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Your favorite characters from your favorite Disney movies. Also see our princess section for all the Disney princesses.

Rapunzel (Tangled) Disney

You may know Rapunzel from the Disney movie Tangled or from the story by The Brothers Grimm-but it is a classic. Who has more famous hair than Rupunzel? This cosplayer depicts her in her Tangled costume.

rapunzel disney cosplay


Obviously the most important part of this costume is tons of hair. I am not sure the rest of the costume matters. Ha! But if you want to look like the Disney princess you can get the look here for adults or here for kids.

rapunzel cosplay

Cruella Deville (101 Dalmations) Disney

Cruella Deville is a memorable Disney villain. A mad, fur-coat collector is not a good person when the heroes are Dalmatian puppies! (Or most times for that matter). Cruella’s wig is and French style long cigarette holder is probably the most iconic aspect of the costume.

cruella deville cosplay

Cruella always wears red gloves with a black dress and usually some sort of white fur coat. You can get the entire look here. For a faux-fur white coat try this.

Dalmatian optional.

cruella deville costume