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Gambit (X-men) Marvel

This cosplayer is a dead ringer for Xmen’s resident bad boy, Gambit, aka Remy LeBeau. The Cajun charmer is a Marvel favorite, and his longtime romance with Rogue keeps Xmen fans hooked. For a head to toe Gambit costume, including his duster style jacket and devil-may-care brown hairdo, check out this version.

gambit xmen marvel cosplay


Black or silver boots are necessary to complete the look, so try these ones out. Finally, an authentic Xmen patch is a must, so try this one here and then sew it to his jacket to really channel the authentic Gambit experience.

gambit cartoon pic

If you’re looking for a couple’s costume, Rogue is Gambit’s girlfriend.

Rogue (X-men) Marvel

X-Men’s beautiful and sassy Southern Belle Rogue, the lonely, beautiful, and powerful heroine of the Marvel Universe. This cosplayer has captured her most recognizably famous yellow and green costume perfectly-it is a hard costume to pull off while still looking good. Maybe its the poofy hair.

rogue in cosplay

For the spandex jumpsuit, try this version here. Patent yellow platform boots and  brown bomber jacket are a must. There aren’t many sexy wigs of hers you can just buy, but you might try this brunette wig and a home hair bleaching kit.


If you’re looking to go to a party or con as a couple, Gambit is Rogue’s boyfriend.