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Thor (Marvel Avengers)

Who is mightier than Marvel’s Thor? This cosplayer has perfectly portrayed the bearded Viking god- he would make The Avengers proud! To get the Thor bodysuit (muscles included!) check out this no-fuss costume available here.

Thor halloween cosplay costume

But Thor isn’t complete without his signature god-like blonde hair, so make sure you get a wig like this one. Five o’clock shadow or full on beard is optional, so go ahead and make Thor your own.

Cyclops (X-men) Marvel

This cosplayer went all out to embody one of Xmen’s original founding characters, Cyclops, aka Scott Summers. The confident Xmen team leader is seen here in his classic yellow and blue uniform.

cyclops cosplay

For a similar, more modern interpretation of his outfit, try this version here. You can even remove that visor to add a more intricate version like this. Very cool. Add sturdy black knee high boots and you’ve got an amazing and complete Cyclops costume.


Gambit (X-men) Marvel

This cosplayer is a dead ringer for Xmen’s resident bad boy, Gambit, aka Remy LeBeau. The Cajun charmer is a Marvel favorite, and his longtime romance with Rogue keeps Xmen fans hooked. For a head to toe Gambit costume, including his duster style jacket and devil-may-care brown hairdo, check out this version.

gambit xmen marvel cosplay


Black or silver boots are necessary to complete the look, so try these ones out. Finally, an authentic Xmen patch is a must, so try this one here and then sew it to his jacket to really channel the authentic Gambit experience.

gambit cartoon pic

If you’re looking for a couple’s costume, Rogue is Gambit’s girlfriend.