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Belle (Beauty & The Beast) Disney

Belle is perhaps the most likable Disney princess. She’s smart, likes books and of course, doesn’t put a premium on looks.¬†What is not to love? The music is really good in the film too. Here is a great cosplay accompanied by X-men’s Beast.

belle cosplay costume halloween

The key to Belle’s costume is obviously the classic yellow ballroom dress. It is so recognizable. Here is the hard-to-find full-length yellow gown.

The sexy Belle costume.

Here are some great kids options.

belle beauty and the beast

Nausicaa Valley of the Wind

Great cosplay of Nausicaa the princess from the Valley of the Wind. Not quite Manga, but it influenced Final Fantasy and a generation of Japanese anime. Nausicca, has a unique costume with a fox usually on her shoulder and machine gun in hands.

nausicca valley of the wind

Get the full Nausicca costume here. Her hair is pretty unique too. This cosplayer almost gets it perfect. Get it here. Here is a Teto fox for your shoulder.