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Queen Amidala (Star Wars)

Queen Amidala from Star Wars has one of the most memorable costumes from the Star Wars prequels. Get her outrageous hair, with crown and red dress here.

queen amidala cosplay

A big part of Amidala’s outfit is in the makeup. You’ll need white and red face makeup to achieve Natalie Portman’s look. This is a great woman’s costume for those who want to look great at their next con or Halloween party but dont want to show too much skin.

queen amidala

Han Solo (Star Wars)

Who are you calling scruffy? This is a dashing depiction of Star Wars hero Han Solo. There’s no greater space pilot/adventurer than that lovable rogue, and this cosplay version does him justice. His adventure-ready black vest and blue pants couldn’t look better.

han solo cosplay

For the entire outfit, try this costume here. The extra details are really going to add a lot, so be sure to check out this gun holster and brown knee high boots. Now, adopt a devil may care attitude and some 70’s style hair and you’ve got the perfect Han Solo. A Halloween Classic for 40 years!

han solo in action

Couples costume with Princess Leia.

Ewoks (Star Wars)

These cute, furry, teddy-bear-like creatures are a Star Wars favorite. Ewoks usually wobble around with a spear instead of a purse, but we don’t want to take the cosplay too far!

sexy adult ewok costume cosplay

You’ll have to piece this look together yourself. As of now there are no made-to-order ewok costumes. You can get the ewok hood and boots here. The ewok is a great costume for kids too. Because kids are short Ewoks seem more fitting for cosplay. Try here.

ewok pic costume