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Marceline the Vampire Queen

Marceline or “Marcy” holds up well for being 1000 years old! This is what happens when a vampire-demon and a human procreate: a mischievous, fashionable vampire queen who drinks the color red!? And loves to rock out on the guitar of course.

marceline cosplay sexy

Marcy’s look is fairly simple and you probably have some of these staples already. You need the brown riding boots.  I am sure you have jeans. You’ll need to get the cute grey top and Marceline’s black wig. Any grey body paint completes the look.

marceline costume

Nana & Hachiko

“Nana” is a great show about two 20 year old girls who run into each other on a train and end up becoming close friends and discovering the big city together. Both are named “Nana”. One cosplayer shows Hachiko- the boy crazy, innocent-looking one and Nana O-the rocker.

nana hachiko cosplay

To get Hachiko’s look you’ll need a pink summer dress and that brown hairstyle. To get Nana’s look you’ll need the  combat boots, plaid skirt, hat and black shirt. Optional black guitar case.

nana hachico pic