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Poison Ivy (Batman) DC

Here is a sexy Poison Ivy cosplay. This shows Ivy in her Arkham Knight costume with the red velvet sweater top. It doesn’t seem to be as popular as some of the more revealing bikini-type looks, but as you can see you can still look hot in this.

sexy poison ivy cosplay

For the Poison Ivy look you need the red wig, the leaf nylons or bodysuit and leaf swimsuit. I’ve seen green bikinis and corsets used for costumes too. Here is a good red sweater.

arkham knight batman ivy

Poison Ivy is one half of a great couple. Partner with her girlfriend Harley Quinn!

Harley Quinn (DC) Batman

This is a great take on Harley Quinn, (from harlequin) the great Batman & Suicide Squad villainess. This will be a top look this Halloween. I love the hammer and she definitely captures the spirit of the character in one pose.

harley quinn

This costume is custom-made (or at least put together from several purchases). See the broach on the necklace, the goggles, hair/makeup, hammer…I think the dress too.

Harley Quinn has many looks. These are some of my favorites here, here, here or for kids.

DC Comics Harley Quinn Character Juniors Black and Red Costume Tank Dress

I like this cute Harley Quinn dress too!