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Jawa (Star Wars)

The Jawa are relatively benign characters from Luke’s home planet of Tatooine.  They tend to travel in packs (making for a good group costume) and don’t treat droids too well. They are a very recognizable race from Star Wars- even if you didn’t know their name.  They are small- so they are a great costume for the kids.

jawa costume cosplay


This is a pretty simple costume to pull off. You just need the brown hooded robe, a black mask, and I have seen yellow or red eyes. Here is a great example.

jawa cosplay costume

Shy Guy (Mario Brothers)

Maybe you remember this bad guy from your Nintendo days? Shy Guy wasn’t the smartest villain, but he (she?) could be pesky. This cosplayer has a cool DIY costume perfect for a con. Memorable, recognizable and unique!

Shy guy costume

She makes Shy Guy out of red and white felt but you could also get a mask like this (and paint on the dopey expression) or a cape like this.

If you are going DIY, check out our DIY resource page.

shy guy pic nintendo