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Shy Guy (Mario Brothers)

Maybe you remember this bad guy from your Nintendo days? Shy Guy wasn’t the smartest villain, but he (she?) could be pesky. This cosplayer has a cool DIY costume perfect for a con. Memorable, recognizable and unique!

Shy guy costume

She makes Shy Guy out of red and white felt but you could also get a mask like this (and paint on the dopey expression) or a cape like this.

If you are going DIY, check out our DIY resource page.

shy guy pic nintendo

Princess Zelda (Twilight Princess)

How many hours did we try to save Princess Zelda? (She looked so different on my NES!) This cosplayer takes it to the next level with intricate makeup that is among the best I’ve seen for any character!

cosplay princess zelda

If you want to get this exact Princess Zelda cosplay go here. I don’t even know where I’d begin with the white makeup- hire someone I guess.

Couples costume with Link or Dark Link.

princess zelda outfit