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Sexy Pikachu (Pokeman)

Pokemon fans can be proud of this cosplayer’s effort to embody the spirit of Pikachu. His perky long ears and lightening bolt details are all represented. For a similar sexy head to toe Pikachu costume try this version here, which comes with a feminine skirt, gloves, and headpiece.

pikachu sexy costume


Black boots or heels are up to you, but a fun peep toe style heel can be found here. You can even go that extra mile and get a yellow petticoat to make the skirt pop. Be sure to add some bright red or pink blush on your cheeks to really fine tune Pikachu’s look.

pic pikachu

Link (The Legend of Zelda)

Link from Zelda is a classic Nintendo hero that makes a great Halloween cosplay costume for men, women and kids. Here you can see Link is humble, brave and equipped with his sword, shield and other weapons.

link legend of zelda costume cosplay

The blond wig and elfin ears are optional-everyone would still know who you are without them. Link also started wearing earrings from Twilight Princess on.

I like this for men, this for women and this for kids.

link costume cosplay

Horse not included.

Cool Link Shirt

Nintendo The Legend of Zelda Big Link Adult Black T-Shirt