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The super popular sexy princesses and Disney princesses section! Sometimes sexy Disney princesses. Turn heads at the next Con or Halloween party! Go here for other Disney Cosplay Costumes.

Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) Disney

Princess Aurora is my favorite Disney princess from my favorite Disney film Sleeping Beauty. It has the best music (from Tchaikovsky!), villain, supporting characters and story. The costuming is great too. Aurora wears three iconic outfits.

princess aurora dress costume

This-is her casual look that she spends most of the movie in, You can DIY or get the look here.  She also wears a blue gown and a pink gown in the movie that would make for great cosplay.

princess aurora disney

Belle (Beauty & The Beast) Disney

Belle is perhaps the most likable Disney princess. She’s smart, likes books and of course, doesn’t put a premium on looks. What is not to love? The music is really good in the film too. Here is a great cosplay accompanied by X-men’s Beast.

belle cosplay costume halloween

The key to Belle’s costume is obviously the classic yellow ballroom dress. It is so recognizable. Here is the hard-to-find full-length yellow gown.

The sexy Belle costume.

Here are some great kids options.

belle beauty and the beast