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Do you love anime or manga? We do to! Here you’ll find some of your favorite characters from Japanese anime, manga, video games and movies.

Nana & Hachiko

“Nana” is a great show about two 20 year old girls who run into each other on a train and end up becoming close friends and discovering the big city together. Both are named “Nana”. One cosplayer shows Hachiko- the boy crazy, innocent-looking one and Nana O-the rocker.

nana hachiko cosplay

To get Hachiko’s look you’ll need a pink summer dress and that brown hairstyle. To get Nana’s look you’ll need the  combat boots, plaid skirt, hat and black shirt. Optional black guitar case.

nana hachico pic

Ryuk (Death Note)

You can get the complete Ryuk costume here. The key to the Ryuk costume is the unique, black winged outfit, the light blue body paint and the crazy shinigami eyes. They’ll custom-make the costume to fit you.

ryuk death note costume

I am a huge fan of the anime Death Note. (Check it out on Netflix if you haven’t seen it yet). My favorite character is Ryuk, who is a shinigami (kind of like a demon).  He is funny, powerful, and addicted to apples.

ryuk costume

Check out Light and L cosplay from Death Note.

L (Death Note)

“L” is perhaps the greatest detective alive. He has solved every case. But the reason people love L is for his eccentricities. He never sleeps causing dark circles under his eyes. He eats too much sugar thus he can’t sit normally.

cosplay l death note

The great thing about cosplaying L is that the costume is pretty simple. You probably already have a pair of slightly baggy jeans; here’s a similar light grey long sleeve shirt. Make sure you get the dark circles under the eyes and of course, the hair. If you don’t have hair like that, here is a good  L wig.

l death note pose