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Halloween costumes & cosplays from characters from your favorite tv shows and movies. Also see other categories if you dont find your costume. People can fall into multiple categories sometimes.

Kim Possible (Disney)

Kim Possible is a secret agent you’ll recognize from the Disney Channel. Shes a high school student by day, and a secret agent by afternoon. This ginger saves the world and still has time to study for exams.

sexy kim possible cosplay


The key to the Kim Possible look is the red hair. If you have it great- if not you can get the wig. You’ll also need the black long sleeve crop top, cargo pants, gloves, toolbelt and boots.

Danielle Beaulieu featured.

kim possible

Wednesday Addams (The Addams Family)

To get Wednesdays’ look you are going to need the hair, makeup and the signature black dress with white collar. If you’re looking for a conservative look for your next con or party-but still want to look good-Wednesday Addams is a good choice.

cosplay wedneday addams

I love this cosplay of Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family. Wednesday is always so deadly(!) serious and she looks the part here. She has the pale skin, serious demeanor and the human skull to show off her fascination with death.